Zephyranthes – Alive in the Shed is a Psychedelic Escape to the Before Times

“Alive in the Shed” preserves the magic of the Raleigh math rockers’ live shows.

What’s the stupidest question I could ask you?

Right now, “Do you miss live music?” is a top contender, at least for anyone reading this blog. Who doesn’t miss rippling guitar solos, sticky tabletops, watching drummers shower the stage with sweat? What wouldn’t I give to run into an old friend at The Wicked Witch, to headbang with strangers, our collective BO mingling in a noxious, gloriously communal cloud?

Back in the Before Times, some of the best showmen in Raleigh included the band Zephyranthes. They’re known for putting on great performances. And for those of us who miss rocking out, they’ve committed a concert to video.

Photo by Olivia Huntley. Courtesy of Zephyranthes.

Now you can enjoy Zephyranthes’s hellaciously ambitious math rock and committed hairography in the privacy of your own home. Recorded in November of Last Year, Zephyranthes – Alive in the Shed pairs psychedelic visuals with richly-reverbed riffs.

I headbanged in my bedroom for the first time in months. My neck? Sore. My heart? Happy. It wasn’t quite as good as a night at Motorco, but this broadcast from the band’s practice space is a perfect capture of the Zephyranthes magic. 10/10, highly recommend.

At the moment, the biggest homebodies I know would enjoy some squealing mic feedback. Most every Triangle music fan longs for the colored lights at Cat’s Cradle, or to lose a friend to a bathroom makeout at one bar and find them again at The Pinhook.

Hell, I’m the only lesbian in this town that doesn’t like beer, and I’d sell my soul for the chance to choke down a warm pilsner on a sticky Carolina night.

But until we can see Zephyranthes live, this set recording feels like a little slice of grungy heaven during one hell of a year.

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