Dog Tested, Owner Approved: Fig and Oakwood Dog Park

Treat yourself and your dog to a walk on Brookside Drive in Raleigh, where Oakwood Dog Park and Fig offer fun for discerning dogs and owners.

I’m always looking for fun outings with my best friend, Summer. Here’s the complication: Summer is a dog.

Summer is ninety pounds of yellow fluff and personality, and I’m always looking for “dates” to take her on around town that will make her tail wag. If I get to taste-test something in the process, then it’s a win for everyone.

One of my favorite dog dates is to take Summer to Brookside Drive in Raleigh, where a great coffee shop and the best dog park in town are within walking distance of one another.


With tightly curated coffee, tea, and cocktail menus, Fig makes my favorite, a great Americano, and boasts beautiful decor. Dogs aren’t allowed inside, so save the gorgeous interior for your human pals.

However, there is a great option for when you have your dog in tow. There’s a convenient window at the front of the shop where you and your pooch can order, and then you can find a seat at the front or back patios.

Oakwood Dog Park

Now, Summer lives in a one-dog household, but she loves to socialize with other dogs, and sometimes, a few good butt sniffs on her daily walk just doesn’t do the trick.

A dog park is the answer, and for my money and Summer’s, the best dog park in town is a short walk away from Fig, just down Brookside Drive.

Just a little ways into Oakwood Park, there are two well-sized, fenced-in sections of a great dog park. The section on the left is for small dogs, and the section on the right is for big dogs. Summer, of course, goes to the right.

There are loads of trees to sniff, big buckets of water and a hose, clusters of plastic chairs and picnic tables, bags for dog business tied to the fence, and lots of friendly dogs and relaxed owners. Summer always has a great time.

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