NC New Releases 🎵

The best new releases in North Carolina.

It’s NC New Releases, the very best in new music of the last few weeks. For December 6th, 2018, The Triangle Guide is spotlighting singles from Durhamites al Riggs and Danny Blaze, and Wilmington band Stray Local. With music this great, you’ll have your headphones on all through the holidays.

Danny Blaze, “7 and the 5”

Before up-and-coming rapper Danny Blaze’s career took off, he took the 7 and the 5 buses in Southside Durham to work each day. In his latest single, Blaze reflects on his former routine.

In a segue worthy of Frank Ocean circa Channel Orange, ambient conversation slides into gospel riff… and then the beat drops. The track grooves with a weary momentum, pulling us into Blaze’s old daily grind: getting up with the sun, writing rhymes as the bus carries him to his job.

The track is satisfying for both narrative fans and rap technicians. Blaze is a compelling storyteller, and his charisma and expert cadence drive home why he’s one of the most exciting rappers working in Durham right now. If you’re not chanting “take the 7 and the 5” by the song’s conclusion, you probably don’t have a pulse. Check it out here.


Stray Local, “Time” (Hourglass Studio Sessions)

Wilmington folk pop band Stray Local are back with a live performance of their new song, “Time.” Hannah Lomas’s vocals swirl over shimmering harmonies like “leaves that sweep down cobblestone streets” that she describes in “Time’s” melancholy lyrics.

While Stray Local are no strangers to the use of violin in their music, here it’s especially evocative. With pathos on par with Kerrigan and Lowdermilk, and touched with an indie sensibility, songwriters Jamie Rowen and Hannah Lomas have created a lovely new addition to the Stray Local discography. Make sure to check out the music video of their performance in Hourglass Studios here, and you can stream the song here.


al Riggs, “GODKILLER”

al Rigg’s latest track, “GODKILLER,” is electric. About a trip to a bar as a gender nonconforming person, the song positively crackles with fear, despair, and rage.

In a masterful progression of instrumental layering, an opening of tinny beats soon meets a raw, dark guitar line, and al Rigg’s voice, singing, “the downtown boys are gonna beat me down.” The track builds to an astonishing crescendo, with distorted voices singing, brass, driving percussion. It’s a beautiful and devastating outcry.

“GODKILLER” is also the title song of their upcoming album, which will be released on January 25th. You can stream “GODKILLER” the song and preorder the album here.

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